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About Us

Mihaly SoftMihaly D Gabor I.F. (a.k.a. Mihaly Soft) is a family company that was established in 2004. Our company exercises its main activity in the sphere of online marketing.

Based on our 19+ years experience in these fields, we are able to provide our clients with professional services in: developing and designing websites, webpages; custom logo design; digital photograph and video production.

Online marketing

Our online marketing solutions – designing, developing websites (webpages), portals, banners – are offered to help you in promoting your business.

Taking into consideration our clients’ needs and wants we do our best in order to produce a website or a portal with the best image and structure possible.

By following and analyzing the Internet we are able to use the latest trends and technologies in IT, thus providing you with a professional and attractive website.

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We establish and maintain good relations with our clients in order to know their needs and wants. Being fully aware of our clients’ requests we are able to provide high-quality services in an easy and appropriate way.

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