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Pawn Just Jewelry

Main objectives

The Client has a pawn store just for jewelry in Lansing, Michigan where he has great selection of rings, chains, earrings, watches, etc. He wanted to create an e-commerce site for his store to sell his goods on the internet. He needed first consultancy then a plan to build his online webshop, including of choosing the appropriate hosting plan, SSL certificate and a payment processor.

Services and content characteristics:

  • Web design: responsive design that works on mobile
  • Logo design
  • Full e-commerce solution with instant payment system and credit card processing (Paypal)
  • FedEx shipping integration (and label printing with Shiplark)
  • Invoice printing
  • Customer management system
  • SEO
  • Consultancy
  • 1 language: English
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Technologies used:

Wordpress xHTML/CSS, PHP, MySql, jQuery, JavaScript

Compatible with:

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