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Soccer Info

Soccer Info - WordPress Plugin

Soccer Info – WordPress Plugin

Contributors: Mihaly Soft
Requires at least: 3.3
Tested up to: 4.7.2
Stable tag: 1.9.6
License: GPLv2 or later (
Support: Click here
Download: Soccer Info – latest version


Soccer Info is a WordPress plugin that lets you show ranking tables, upcoming fixtures and results of different soccer leagues (550+).

Requires WordPress 3.3+ and PHP 5.2+.

Current features

  • Available Leagues:
  • UEFA Champions League (New)
  • UEFA Europa League (New)
  • Spanish Primera Division
  • English Premier League
  • German Bundesliga
  • Portuguese Liga
  • Italian Serie A
  • French Ligue 1
  • Dutch Eredivisie
  • Belgian Pro Liga
  • Finnish Veikkausliiga
  • Hungarian NB I
  • Brazilian Serie A
  • and many more (550+)
  • Accessible easily through your posts or pages
  • Display full or partial data, it’s up to you
  • Get widgets everywhere
  • A very powerful and user-friendly back-end

Coming features

  • Pre-defined styles

If you have suggestions for a new add-on, feel free to contact us.


  • This plugin is currently available in English, Spanish (by Wilfredo Cayllahua), German (by Hans Puac), Italian (by Andrea Cavasin), French (by Papinade), Dutch (by Team VoetbalKN), Russian (by Георгий Фисичев), Greek (by Spiros Smilianis), Finnish (by Jukka Lammi I), Romanian (by Gabor Mihaly), Turkish (by Ferhat ERSOY), Portuguese (by Jorge “FLaK” Rodrigues), Danish (by Ole Panhardt Christensen) and Hungarian (by Szilard Mihaly). Please help me translate it!


Soccer Info is really easy to install so just follow the guide:

  1. Upload the soccer-info folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory or install it from the repository
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Now you may add Soccer Info’s shortcodes into any post or page
  4. Or use the plugin’s widget

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve just activated Soccer Info, what do I need to do now?

You are now able to add the shortcodes that displays the tables (fixtures or results) to any of your posts or pages. For example: [soccer-info id='1' type='table' /] That means you want to display the ranking table (type) of the soccer league with the id=1 (Spanish Primera Division) You will find the whole list of the soccer leagues supported by the plugin on the Settings > Soccer Info page.

I don’t know how to use shortcodes, what should I do then?

For your confort, we added a function to the post/page editor that automatically generates and inserts the shortcodes for you. You will be prompted to select the league (and some other info) and then just click Insert It sounds easy. Isn’t is?

Does this plugin have a widget?

Yes, and it’s easy to use.

Do you have any questions?

Please send them via our Support form.



  • Fixed: Fixed: Title not displaying in widgets
  • New: Added leagues: Euro 2016 Championship
  • New: Added leagues: Euro 2016 Qualification
  • Fixed: Warning reported by Wilfredo was fixed.
  • New: Added leagues: UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, Bonaire – Bonaire League, England – Professional U18 Development League 2, England – U21 Premier League Division 2, England – Youth Alliance, Iceland – 4. Deild, India – Indian Super League, Scotland – Development League, Scotland – Development League 2, Serbia – Play-offs 1/2, Turkey – U21 Süper Lig, United Arab Emirates – U21 League, United Arab Emirates – U18 League, Vietnam – Play-offs 1/2, Vietnam – U21 Championship
  • New: Contribution button was added to the admin page. Please donate to help keep this plugin FREE.
  • New: Added language: Portuguese – Thanks to Jorge “FLaK” Rodrigues
  • Fixed: Inserting shortcodes in 3.9+ was fixed. A Javascript file was modified, so please clear your browser’s cache after you update the plugin.
  • New: More than 50 leagues were added
  • New: Added language: German – Thanks to Hans Puac
  • New: Added language: French – Thanks to Papinade
  • New: Added language: Dutch – Thanks to Team VoetbalKN
  • New: Added language: Russian – Thanks to Георгий Фисичев
  • New: Added language: Greek – Thanks to Spiros Smilianis
  • New: Added language: Finnish – Thanks to Jukka Lammi I
  • New: Added language: Romanian – Thanks to Gabor Mihaly
  • New: Added language: Turkish – Thanks to Ferhat ERSOY
  • New: More than 400 leagues were added
  • New: Added language: Italian – Thanks to Andrea Cavasin
  • Fixed: It is working now with WP 3.6
  • New: Added leagues: Morocco – GNF 1, Bolivia – LFPB, Chile – Primera División, Colombia – Primera A, Costa Rica – Primera División, Ecuador – Primera A, Mexico – Liga MX, Panama – LPF, Peru – Primera División, Uruguay – Primera División, China PR – CSL
  • New: Added styles: `Blue – Dark`, `Green – Light`, `Green – Dark`, `Red – Light`, `Red – Dark`
  • New: Added language: Spanish – Thanks to Wilfredo Cayllahua
  • Fixed: Minor bug with UTC +0 timezone reported by Mathias Eriksson
  • New: `Blue – Light` style added
  • New: Scroll down team selector
  • Enhancement: Increased limits for results and fixtures of a selected team
  • Fixed: minor fixes
  • New: Added leagues: Argentina – Primera División, Australia – A-League, Austria – Bundesliga ID, Belarus – Premier League, Bulgaria – A PFG, Canadian Soccer League, Czech Republic – Czech Liga, Denmark – Superliga, England – Championship, England – League One, England – League Two, France – Ligue 2, Germany – 2. Bundesliga, Italy – Serie B, Japan – J1 League, Paraguay – Division Profesional, Poland – Ekstraklasa, Romania – Liga I, Russia – Premier League, Scotland – Premier League, Serbia – Super Liga, Singapore – S.League, Slovakia – Super Liga, Spain – Segunda División, Sweden – Allsvenskan, Turkey – Süper Lig, Ukraine – Premier League ID, United States – MLS, Venezuela – Primera División
  • Fixed: Typos
  • Initial release!