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Meehis Theme: Responsive BuddyPress Theme

Meehis Theme

Meehis Theme: Responsive BuddyPress Theme

Contributors: Mihaly Soft
Requires at least: 3.4
Tested up to: 3.5.1
Latest version: 1.0
Demo: Demo Site with Meehis Theme
Support: click here
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Meehis Theme is a responsive WordPress / BuddyPress theme that comes with the highly appreciated drag-and-drop interfaceVisual Composer (value of $25), and other features that can transform your community website into a fun place.


Well, Meehis Theme was developed by individuals who personally operated (and they still do) more sports related community websites. They (we) are old stagers and learnt a lot of on our own skins, like: “How to make a simple but attractive website?”“How to make that visitors come back?”“How to drive traffic?” and “How to make money from advertisments while you do not overload your members with pure ads?” During the years, we spent a lot of time trying to answer these questions, and we think that finally we have the right answer(s): install our Meehis Theme to your BuddyPress driven community website.

Is this really enough?

We don’t want to lie: NO, it’s not, but we definitely think that it is a good way to start.

Then what else do I need?

You will need your own content. We recommend you to use original content. For example if you are interested in soccer, write your opinion on famous soccer players like Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, then ask your friends to participate and send their opinions about that topic. Build a community with the same interests and constantly show the visitors topic related ads. This is where you will earn money!

Meehis Theme is designed with ADVERTISEMENTS in mind.

Our theme has several places where you can publish them:

  • Homepage
  • Sidebar – which can be on the left, right (default) or on both sides (2 sidebars at the same time)
  • Header – it is one of the best ways to have a good return. See here.
  • Member’s page – See here.
  • Group’s page – you may place group specific ads. See here.

Please continue reading to learn the other features we offer.


First of all, you will need

  • WordPress 3.4+
  • and a BuddyPress 1.6.1+ plugin installation (only if you need social functions).

We recommend that you always use the latest versions.


1. Upload via FTP

You need to use an FTP client such as FileZilla. To set up your FTP client to connect to your website see:

Upload the `meehis` folder to your WordPress themes directory: `/wp-content/themes/`

2. Upload via WordPress

  • From your WordPress dashboard go to Appearance -> Themes.
  • On the Themes page click the Install Themes tab.
  • Click the Upload link directly below the two tabs which takes you to a page to upload the theme.
  • Click the Browse (or Choose File) button and locate ``. After selecting the file, click the Install Now button.

If uploading the theme via FTP go to Appearance -> Themes and click the Activate link below the Meehis Theme.

When uploading the theme via WordPress you should be prompted to activate the theme.

Theme Styling Options

Options Page

It is located in Appearance -> Meehis Theme Options 

Our theme comes with a 5 predefined color schemes (blue, green, grey, orange and purple) and 10 Google fonts that are used in the header.

You may change the background and text colors of the content, determine where to display the sidebar (this can be changed per pages as well) and you can change the content of the footer.


Go to Appearance -> Background to upload your own background image or to add your own background color.

Go to Appearance -> Header to upload your logo and to change the colors of the header.

Theme Settings


  • Go to Appearance -> Menus to set up your primary navigation menu.
  • Click the plus (+) button and create a menu.
  • On the left-hand side from the Theme Locations panel select your menu from the Primary Navigation drop down menu.

Widgets and Sidebars

Our theme has a few prefedined sidebars / widget areas, these are:

  • Sidebar – this is the main sidebar that is displayed on the right side of the content by default, but you may change that position. See Meehis Theme Options.
  • First, Second, Third, Fourth Footer Widget Area – I think their names talk to themself
  • 2 Widget Areas on the homepage – with the Visual Composer you may place them anywhere
  • Member’s Header Widget Area – displayed only on a BuddyPress member page. See here.
  • Group’s Header Widget Area – displayed only on a BuddyPress group page. See here.
  • Header Widget Area – displayed in the right side of the header on very page. See here.
  • Second Sidebar – displayed on the left side of the content when 2 sidebars are activated. See here.

Go to Appearance -> Widgets and drag and drop widgets from the Available Widgets panel over to your sidebar widget panels on the right. You may add any shortcodes with the theme within a Text widget.


Meehis Theme comes with a few shortcodes that can be inserted directly into your posts, pages and widgets.

  • Click the Visual tab in post / page editor.
  • Click the [S] button and from the drop down menu select a shortcode. It will appear a window with some options specific to the shortcode that you clicked on, in which you may add a few details, after clicking theInsert button the shortcode will automatically be inserted into the text box.
  • You can view all the shortcodes on the following page.

Login Page

  • Go to Pages -> Add New to create a new page.
  • On the right-hand side in the Page Attributes panel select the Login Page template from the Template drop down menu.
  • Please use the text editor, if you want to display some content (picture, text) in the right side of the login form.

Meehis Login Widget

Your sidebar’s login form is not fixed (hardcoded) anymore. With the help of this widget you may place the login form everywhere in the widget areas (left/right sidebars, header / footer widget areas).

Visual Composer

Meehis Theme comes with an integrated drag and drop page builder, called Visual Composer.

With the help of Visual Composer (value of $25 on the CodeCanyon Marketplace) you will be able to create any layouts you can image.

This tool has a drag and drop interface that can save you valuable time while you are arranging the elements on your page.


How can I add advertisements?

You can use a variety of advertisement plugins to insert ads within your widget areas and/or posts/pages. The plugin Simple Ads Manager has been tested with our theme.

To insert ads in the widget areas go to Appearance -> Widgets, if you want to insert advertisements in the footer go to Appearance -> Meehis Theme Options and add your content in the Footer Text boxes.

Does your theme works with SEO plugins?

Yes, it may work with any of them, but we recommend WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin.

How can I display different widgets on different pages or categories?

You can do this with the Dynamic Widgets plugin, which allows you to specify which posts, pages and/or categories individual widgets are displayed on.

Registration is not active. Where can I activate that?

This is a general WordPress option that can be found under Settings -> General -> Anyone can register.



  • Initial release!